Sexy nerds back on track, hosting Halloween party


Stefan Snijders

Jim Morrison’s name is fairly known around Omaha by this point. And it still doesn’t have any-thing to do with the famous singer for The Doors, although some of us still giggle about it.

Morrison, 36, has his hands in a good bit of everything these days. From promoting, hosting and emceeing special events, to hosting and KJing at karaoke shows, to appearances at open mic shows such as the Shoot

Your Mouth Off night he created and hosted for 11 years, he has a busy plate. But his most favorite achievement, aside from his 7-year-old daughter, is Omaha’s Sexy Nerd Society.

The society, or OSNS, is a loosely knit community of local and regional participants who have specific things in common: namely, their love for costume or cosplay, and the fun that comes with being a comic, cartoon and anime, or TV and movie nerd.

Their parties for both local conventions and traveling jaunts to other conventions have earned talk throughout the nation’s nerdisphere as near-legendary. The local community is incredibly inclusive and accepting as well – some members may have only one movie obsession, but are included in discussions on the group’s Facebook page, or are invited regularly to events.

OSNS hosts various themed events throughout the year that are generally open to the public, some with and some without a cover charge, but always with a little bit of nerdy fun. Recently the OSNS underwent some changes, and expanded their reach.

“We have restructured and streamlined our planning team and we are going to be diversifying our events,” Morrison said.

The group wants to expand into operating more seminars and intellectual events, and would like to incorporate all-ages events as well.

“It was a combination of trying to stay fresh and relevant and an out-cry from young adult nerds to be
more included. And we don’t want to box ourselves in or be pegged as just the “party nerd group,” he said.

With Halloween and the fall and winter holiday season coming up, one would think that the OSNS might tail off on events just a little, but things are starting to pick up for the group. They’ll be hosting a crossover costume-themed party at the local Lookout Lounge on 72nd Street this Halloween Saturday.

Morrison said that in addition to party games, candy, and of course beverages, there will be live entertainment.

“Imagine (Freddy) Krueger-Wolverine or Zombie Link from Zelda,” he said of the theme party.

“We’ll also have 3 bands, a DJ, side how and burlesque, and much more.”

In addition to the Halloween event, the OSNS plans to host a Game of Thrones-themed event November 14 and a Hogwarts-style Ball for the Yule on December 19. Both of those events will be held at the Brickhouse Tavern downtown. OSNS seems to have found its place in the regional geek community, and has situated nicely into that spot.

“We’re really excited,” Morrison said. “I think that despite any set-backs we have had we are still full steam ahead and are stronger for it.”