Send messages of support to UNO staff through March 13


Zach Gilbert

From now until March 13, you can send a digital “thank you” to a UNO professor who has helped you through these trying times. Photo courtesy of Pexels.

As students have faced struggles associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, financial strain, and sociopolitical strife over the past few semesters, many UNO professors have stepped up to assist in any way they can, and now, you have a chance to thank those who helped you personally.

“We can all agree that, during these tough times, no matter what we encountered along the way, each of us has a personal story of a professor, instructor, or TA who has given us the support and guidance we’ve needed in order for us to be successful,” Student Body President Jabin Moore and Student Body Vice President Vanessa Chavez Jurado stated in an email sent to students. “This is why we are inviting all Mavericks to take a moment to show [their] gratitude for the positive impact these educators have had on [their] life or your academic journey.”

From now until Friday, March 13, students will be able to send a message of support or gratitude to any UNO faculty member, instructor, or teaching assistant who has “gone the extra mile” over the past year by filling out this form.

When first accessing the Qualtrics submission form for this project, you will need to provide the name and email of the instructor you are addressing your note to – and please note that this message will also be shared with their department chair for recognition.

Additionally, you must enter the course subject that this instructor teaches, the number and name of the course you’re enrolled in, and the specific section number of your own course.

After offering up this basic information, you will then be able to type your “thank you” in a blank text box. Be aware that the form requires that you keep your message to 300 characters as well.

Finally, you will be asked to add your own name and email to this message, unless you wish to be left anonymous.

Before submitting, you must also answer if you would give the permission for your message to be used on “websites, workshops, or other faculty development activities” at UNO. Possible responses include: “Yes, with my name,” “Yes, but anonymously,” or “No, please only share my note with their professor and their department chair.”

The number of messages you can send between now and Friday, March 13 – the last day of classes before Spring Break – is unlimited, so you will be able to acknowledge as many faculty members as you so please.

“This small act can make a big difference in an instructor, professor, or TA’s life, and we hope you are able to participate,” Moore and Chavez Jurado said.