Seasoned professor brings UNO theatre to new heights


Megan Fabry

An Image of UNO professor Scott Glasser.
Scott Glasser is a professor in the theatre department at the University of Nebraska Omaha. Photo courtesy of UNO Communications.

University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) professor Scott Glasser is using his experience and expertise to educate those looking to pursue their passion in the theatre.

Scott Glasser is a professor in UNO’s theatre department and a longtime lover of the arts. He received his bachelor’s degree in theatre at the State University of New York before earning a master’s degree from Cornell University. Glasser came to UNO as a guest director in the 1980s and was hired by professor Cindy Phaneuf as a yearly director in the mid 1990s. He became a full-time professor at UNO in 2004 and has directed countless productions.

“I have always been curious about history and the stories of lives lived,” Glasser said. “Each play creates a new landscape of people, places and times to explore. By association, it offers me new adventures.”

Glasser has acted in about 125 plays, becoming characters of all shapes and sizes including Captain Hook, Mercutio and Hamlet. He has also directed approximately 180 productions around the country and traveled abroad to places such as Lithuania and Berlin for theatre. Glasser has also lead students in London for “London Theatre Live” – a UNO study abroad intensive.

As a professor, Glasser encourages students to attend and participate in UNO’s theatre program for entertainment, but also to expand their horizons on a variety of different subjects.

“The interplay of college education and theatre are remarkably rewarding for students,” Glasser said. “The benefits range from an appreciation for the interplay of history, politics, language, psychology, cultural theory, design, self-expression, collaboration, planning, deadlines, finances, communication—I could go on.”

Glasser currently teaches Shakespeare on Film: The Art of Interpretation and Voice for the Actor and directs workshops in acting, directing, script analysis and adaptations each year for conferences. Glasser also finds much joy in educating and advising aspiring young actors and directors.

“Do hands on work in all areas of theatre onstage and offstage, including stage management, audience services, dramaturgy, all the technical and design areas, public relations and administration,” Glasser said. “Your specialties will grow out of experience and knowledge.”

The UNO theatre department has four mainstage plays, performing two every semester with free admission to UNO students and faculty. The fall semester will bring “Dogfight” and “Orlando” to the stage while spring semester will debut “Blood at the Root” and “Peter and the Starcatcher.”