Scott Village basketball court nearly ready


By Mo Nuwwarah, Sports/Health Editor

UNO students looking to shoot some hoops in the sunshine will soon have a fresh venue available.

The basketball court by the Scott Village dormitories should be fully remodeled by the end of the first week in August, said Adam Wick, resident manager of Scott Village, Scott Court and Scott Residence Hall.

“We’re going to do some resurfacing work and repaint the lines,” he said. “We want it to be the best it can be.”

The seven-year-old court has been under construction since last year. Its markings have been skewed by a few feet since the layout was changed, and the south side of the court was recently home to a sizable pile of rocks. The court’s slick surface often made for inconsistent footing.

Junior David Mortensen, who is majoring in architectural engineering, used the court “two or three times a week” during the school year despite the wayward markings.

“You have to pay attention to where you’re at,” he said. “But the hoop’s still 10 feet high so it’s really not too bad.”

The majority of the construction was done over the winter to avoid inconveniencing the students, Wick said. The addition of Scott Court, which opens in Fall 2011, required additional office space in the nearby building.

Wick said the court’s makeover will include some UNO-themed artwork at center court.

“We’re trying to make continual improvement to our property,” he said. “Our big draw is the attractiveness of our dorms, and the sand volleyball court and basketball court get used quite a bit.”

Mortensen echoed that sentiment, saying he usually found at least a few people shooting around, if not a pickup game in progress.

“I’m definitely excited,” he said of the improvements. “It’s going to be a lot nicer.”