Scott Conference Center reopens after undergoing construction

Photo courtesy of Omaha World-Herald

Zachery Deleski-Taylor

The Scott Conference Center reopened April 3, boosting its ability to provide convenience to current residents, bigger events for UNO students and the community and a more attractive environment for prospective students.

Some of the additions to the conference center include a shared hallway, bathrooms and a bigger pre-function area, which tripled in size, said Darrin Dukart, the kitchen manager at Scott Conference Center. The pre-function area is used for buffets, cocktail receptions, breakfast and as a gathering area for breaks.

Dukart said the conference center was crowded whenever big events happened before the updates. Now, he feels like they have a lot of room.

Dukart said the construction took six months, and the building was closed for more than four months.

“We had a very tight schedule,” he said. “They had to deal with winter conditions, also. In the end, they worked Saturdays and Sundays to complete the project.”

Adam Wick, the assistant property manager at Scott Campus, said the entrance of the renovated building will become a pass through for people who come to the café.

“It will give students much easier access to go into the café,” Wick said.

Before the remodel, students had to walk to the east side of the building. The front door now rests on the south side of the center, allowing students to walk in through the front door and into the cafeteria, Dukart said.

Dukart said the additions are beneficial to campus. He said the entrance is more convenient for students because the conference center and Scott Café now share it.

“It’s more inviting to new and current students,” Dukart said. “You don’t feel like you’re coming in a backdoor. You’re coming in the front door.”

Wick said he was excited for the ease of traffic for Scott Campus students. It adds accessibility as well, he said.

Before construction, Dukart said the conference center and the café had to share restrooms. This could lead to a lot of congestion inside of the hallway. However, the Conference Center now has its own bathrooms, which makes them easier to clean.

The increased area will allow Scott Conference Center to attract more national conferences, Dukart said. He said any time a national conference come to UNO, it “puts [the] university on the map.”

Since the conference center reopened, it has hosted a three-day national architectural engineering institute conference, had its first wedding in the new space, hosted the Marian High School mother-daughter breakfast and hosted a PKI event on April 8.