Scary Acres remains a must-see

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Jessica Wade

Omaha has its fair share of Halloween attractions, from the scary to the kid-friendly there’s something for everyone. Students looking for a night of scares rather than a night of hayrack rides and corn mazes, the staples of a kid-friendly pumpkin patch, should check out Scary Acres.

Located at 17272 Giles Road, about a 20-minute drive from UNO’s campus, and surrounded by mostly cornfields, the location is perfect for a spooky atmosphere.

What sets Scary Acres apart from other local haunted attractions is the range of what it has to offer. Three attractions are featured: Haunted Woods, House on the Hill and Master’s Castle. As well as large bonfires and an assortment of food stands.

Haunted Woods, as the name suggests, is located in a wooded area on the edge of the property and features a haunted trail with a creepy shack and actors dressed in ‘homicidal hillbilly’ costumes and wielding chainsaws.

House on the Hill has a haunted farmhouse theme that carries visitors through the inside and outside with a twist on the typical haunted houses.

Finally, there’s the Master’s Castle. Really more of a spooky mansion, this is my personal favorite. With multiple rooms and unique decorations, this attraction has many scares including haunted portraits, to truly terrifying clowns.

These attractions wouldn’t be complete without the actors who bring the props and locations to life. The costumes and makeup alone are amazing, but the cannibalistic hillbillies, evil clowns, chainsaw wielding psychopaths and all the other horrifying personnel of Scary Acres, manage to be convincing while remaining professional.

Finding the balance between giving guests a scary, adrenaline inducing experience without compromising
their actual safety can be challenging. Scary Acres managed to find that balance. The attractions are well built and actors are terrifying without going over the top.

Any haunted house enthusiast would have a good time at Scary Acres, the only complaint here is the pricing. There is an option to buy individual tickets if a visitor does not want to go through every attraction, but after driving to the location and waiting in line for the tickets, it would be difficult to choose just one or two of the attractions to go through. Ticket prices are: Master’s Castle, $11; Haunted Woods, $8; and House on the Hill, $10. There’s also an option to purchase a ticket to all three attractions for $25.

Beginning Oct. 1, Scary Acres will be open everyday except Mondays, with the exception of Halloween, which falls on a Monday, for more information visit the Scary Acres website: