Saying Goodbye: what makes a legacy?


Written by Lindsi Fulk and Meredith Whye

What will your legacy be? A valid question considering my impending graduation, yet when I was asked this earlier this month, I honestly did not quite know how to respond.
It’s not like I have been a hobbit on campus these last four years. I have had the privilege of being part of two of the most amazing communities on this campus-first being the Greek system. As a member of Chi Omega, I have had the opportunity to do some truly outstanding things. I danced onstage with Katy Perry, went midnight sledding in the Valley, drove to Donut Stop in the middle of the night to avoid homework, celebrated a Make-a-Wish child after she returned from Disney and met people that would forever change my life.  I could go on and on about my love for Chi Omega and the value of joining the Greek system, but I do that enough in my daily life.
The other community I belong to is the network of people and weird objects known as the Gateway. This job has kept me up at night, taken away my every Sunday and probably permanently destroyed my sanity. This magical job filled with more laughter, jokes and frustration than I ever could have imagined. All of the angry emails, obnoxious deadlines and passive-aggressive subtweets were all worth it though because I had the opportunity to work with some of the most phenomenal individuals I have ever had the privilege of knowing.
I could write entire novels about each person, but there simply isn’t enough space, so I will just share some highlights. I’ll start with Ali Hodge, the layout wizard, who has taught me more about the world outside of college than anyone else. I like to think we balance each other out because I keep her thoroughly entertained, and she reminds me to act like an actual human being. Opinion Editor Noah Diaz became my immediate partner-in-crime when he proved to be a worthy opponent in what I can only call an intense, whisper-threat off. He now holds a special place in my heart despite his love of cats and all things hipster. Chelsea Collins and Rhe’Ann McBride have been in my life for the past three years as my sorority sisters, but being able to spend every Sunday with them has been spectacular. Though I call them both my protégées, I know they are both so incredibly talented that they will accomplish more than I could imagine.
Meredith Whye, the copy editor extraordinaire, scared the hell out of my when I started this adventure. I now have a serious case of life envy as she prepares to move to Australia. She is so much cooler than me. Then there is Nick Beaulieu our current sports editor and future editor-in-chief. Beaves, as I so brilliantly nicknamed him, is one of the most fearless reporters I have ever met. His passion and character show in every piece he writes, and I could not think of anyone better to lead the paper next year (just don’t tell him I said that).
Finally, there is Sean Robinson. I’m sure you all know who he is because his face is basically plastered all over this campus. Editor-in-chief, Homecoming King, winner of countless journalism awards and overall ridiculous human being; Sean can do it all fantastically. I will forever be grateful to him for forcing me to apply for this job. If I sat down and did the math, I would probably discover that I spend around 73 percent of my life with him, be it in our matching class schedules, him harassing me via text/Snapchat/Twitter/Heytell or hanging out in the office singing along to Hilary Duff. While our friendship started freshmen year when we bonded over a shared love of “Degrassi,” it wasn’t until we spent over 14 hours together working on the first issue of the year that he begrudgingly became one of my best friends. I could never ask for a more inappropriate, humiliating and inspiring boss. Though I may have tearfully admitted this all to him in the bar a few nights ago, I will say it again: he is the best, and I am so thankful.
So, I may not yet know what my legacy will be on this campus. I suppose in a way I will never really know. However, I do know that I have had the most incredible time. I have learned more about this university in the past year than I did my entire first three years combined. I was able to provide coverage of the massive dorm fire and provide spotlights on some of the smaller clubs found here. I have received some high praise and some incredibly negative feedback. I have poured my heart and soul into this paper. All I can say is thank you and in the immortal words of Sean Robinson, “Love you tricks l8ter.”


While eating a vodka-soaked gummy bear and listening to “What Dreams Are Made Of,” I am feeling very nostalgic for the year I spent at the Gateway. From working a Tonya Harding reference into an article about Omaha Beer Week—“Breweries and craft cocktail bars are popping up faster than Tonya Harding’s downward spiral”—to relentlessly exploring the whole office in a sleep-deprived mental breakdown, it has always been a whirlwind.
Other things I’ve enjoyed while copy editing at the Gateway:
•    Ungrateful professors (I’m graduating so f&#k you guys!)
•    All the professors I do like (like my dad, sorry dad)
•    Burmese mountain dogs!!!!!!
•    Hacking my boss’s email and Noah’s Facebook
•    Threats of personal dick pics as punishment
•    Eating so much pizza and carbs every Sunday I could feel my thighs expanding
•    Cursing excessively in front of children
•    Desperately trying to concentrate and cramming in homework
•    Listening to extended remixes of the Law & Order theme song to survive Communication Law tests
•    Turning up the epic music loudly when we thought we got a Communication Law question right
•    Seeing people’s writing improve throughout the year was a positive experience for me
•    Writing about whatever I wanted for Culture, seriously read my Culture story this issue 😉
•    My boyfriend stealing my thunder at the Gateway 100th party
•    Watching a certain editor get cut off at Applebee’s
•    Listening to exclusively 90’s and early 2000’s music
•    Getting suggestive selfies published
•    Being super professional all the time
•    Realizing Nick is actually a young Wayne Gretzky
•    The Ghettoway
•    All of our hashtags, live tweets, snaps and grams
I really will miss each and every person involved in the Gateway. I’m not saying I’m going to cry, but I am definitely going to have an empty spot in my heart every Sunday.
I can’t believe some of the things we published (i.e. all of the poetry) and really proud of some of the things we published (all the fire coverage).
I love you guys! Soon we will all be traveling the world, and even without any traveling pants, we will always have our bonds of poop, Horace and being offensive.  Xoxo Meredith