Saxophone orgasm


By Cody Willmer, Circulation Manager

On Feb. 10, Dominic Lalli and Jeremy Salken, aka Big Gigantic, came to The Waiting Room Lounge to show us what they’re capable of. That they did, and then some. Some cats in an electro group called Somasphere, who hail from Lincoln, came along. The show started at 9 p.m. and didn’t stop until 2 a.m. – you’ve got to love it when a band appreciates your presence and gives you your money’s worth. For 12 bucks, the price was right.

Somasphere started the epic dance party off on the right foot and didn’t let up on the instrumental electronic music until it was time for Big Gigantic to take the stage. I have seen Somasphere quite a few times and let me tell you, have they got it all together. I wish I had not skipped on the last time I had the chance to see them, especially after the opening performance they put on for Big Gigantic and the energetic crowd at the Waiting Room.

After Somasphere left the stage, it took about an hour for Big Gigantic to construct their stage setup. The guys really outdid themselves with the amazing stage set up they brought with them. The set of lightup cubes really set the mood for a spectacular night of dance music. Just before midnight, Big Gigantic took the stage to an obnoxious uproar from the ecstatic crowd. The group dove right into their signature instrumental electronic music that has made them underground heroes. Their style of music is much different than traditional electronic. The group from Boulder, Colo., plays live with Dominic Lalli as the producer and jazz saxophonist and Jeremy Salken as the drummer.

Big Gigantic, who has only been together as a group for about two years, let Omaha know they appreciate a taste for electronic music by playing an intense two hour set. Dom and Jeremy really fed off the energy from the sold-out crowd of ravers. The group played almost every song from both of their full-length albums. They started out with songs from their first album, “Fire It Up.” After warming up the crowd, Big Gigantic dove into some songs off their breakthrough album, “A Place Behind the Moon.”

The highlights of the night were popular songs from both their full-length albums as well as some fantastic remixes. One of the first heavy-hitting songs was “Light of Day,” off the band’s first release, a self-titled E.P. Following up was the bass-packed song “Thinking Out Loud” from “Fire It Up.” The following jazzy, funky and bass-infused songs “Limelight” and “Lucid Dreams” from “A Place Behind the Moon” really got the crowd breaking it down and ready for the climax of the night.

Big Gigantic continued with a barrage of remixes that led to the hilt of the evening. The duo performed my personal favorite, “I Need a Dolla (remix)” followed by an amazing remix of “Power” by Kanye West. The band ended with another remix, the now infamous “Black and Yellow.”

Dom and Jeremy have become a power on the instrumental music scene and are even better than the first time I saw them when they opened for STS9 last spring. I actually felt they stole the show from Tribe last time and this time they stole all the energy from my body by dancing it out of me. The concert couldn’t have gone much better, except for possibly having a bigger venue.