Rubio, not Trump, should be the conservative pick

Photo Courtesy of The National Review
Photo Courtesy of The National Review

Kaitlin Vickers

As a conservative looking at the current presidential candidates for the 2016 election, I see only one option for future president of the United States: Marco Rubio. Throughout the GOP debates, Ru-bio has been the one and only candidate that has shown any merit or dedication to the United States.

Rubio won me over from the first debate with his confidence, passion and warmth. Not only are his stances on current political issues almost exactly what I believe in, but he is a man that I would trust with anything and I feel like that is very important. One of my biggest concerns as an American is the lack of welfare provided to Americans as a whole. In regards to social security and Medicare, he plans to “transition Medicare to a premium support system, which would give seniors a generous but fixed amount with which to purchase health insurance”, according to his website. He also has other plans like raising the retirement age to reflect the longer life expectancy that Americans currently have and exempting retirees that wish to still work from the payroll tax.

In regards to taxes, Rubio plans to simplify the tax code and cut taxes so Washington takes less money from Americans, in turn allowing us to keep more of our hard earned money. He also focuses on the real reason why so many mass shooting have been occurring. It should not be so hard for people to get mental care without being victimized by the stigma attached to it. This, in turn, is leaving more people with disorders access to firearms. On his website, Rubio states that “the guns are what they’re using to commit the violence. In many cases, the laws that are actually being proposed would not have prevented them.”

The rest of the Republican Party seems to be moving towards Donald Trump, but I just keep moving farther away. There is nothing that man could say that would make me vote for him. I do not want someone as president that thinks so highly of themselves and does not have respect for people from all countries, races, income levels and even genders.

I also dislike the fact that he is a businessman running for president because he has close to no experience. I feel like a lot of what goes into a good president is personality and trustworthiness along with policy.

One of the largest things that I disagree with Trump on is his view of immigration. “A nation without borders is not a nation,” the candidate claims on his website. I feel like borders are meant to be “lines” on a map, not a wall built between nations. Building a wall on the southern border of the United States would just take up more of our resources, money and workers that we do not necessarily have.

Trump also plans on making Mexico pay for the wall, something that I find truly disgusting. If, as a nation, we are building something to keep people out of the country, why would we force their home country to pay for it? The whole idea to me is close-minded.

Our country is “the melting pot” and we were founded upon immigration. We should focus on the American dream and follow Marco Rubio to “A New American Century.”