Roy Moore’s sexual abuse allegations

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Madeline Miller

In light of all the sexual abuse scandals, Roy Moore’s are some that stand out. Moore is a former Alabama state judge. Before this scandal broke, he was most famous for being elected to the Alabama Supreme Court twice and getting removed twice.

Now, he is most famous for his sexual interest in teenage girls.

On Nov. 9, 2017, the story of Leigh Corfman broke in the Washington Post. Corfman alleged that Moore had initiated a relationship with her when she was 14. Moore was 32 at the time.

Several other women have come forward and yet, Moore, the Republican, is still leading his Democratic opponent, Doug Jones, in the Senate race.

A world in which a child molester can even briefly lead an election against a man who prosecuted Ku Klux Klan members for a church bombing is a horrifying world. But Alabama Republicans have tweeted that they would rather have a child molester in the Senate than a Democrat.

Others have defended Moore, claiming he is innocent until proven guilty but this is not a court of law. This is an election. These allegations should be believed. Alabama should not be taking a chance on Roy Moore.

“People cannot easily let go of a man who they see as a man of God protecting them and Christianity itself,” Dawn Cripe said. Cripe is an adjunct professor of women and gender studies at UNO. “How do you move forward with change with a pedophile sitting next to you who is sanctioned by a major party?”

Moore and his supporters have attempted to use the Bible to negate any sexual misconduct, claiming that Jesus’s mother Mary was a teenager and that Joseph was much older.

Not only is this idea a terrible defense, it is not a verified truth. The Bible never specifically states either Mary’s or Joseph’s age.

Meanwhile, victims of child sexual assault in both Alabama and nationwide are being shown that their experiences and their survival does not matter to their neighbors. Seeing a likely child molester in a seat on the Senate is proof that America does not believe its victims enough to do anything about their abusers.

When we allow abusers to continue living their lives unpunished, we strangle their victims into silence and show other potential abusers that they will suffer no consequences for their actions. They may even be rewarded with a cushy government office.

It is time to end the cycle. Moore does not deserve a seat on the Senate. He deserves a jail cell, or at least an investigation.

Sexual abusers should no longer be rewarded for their actions. It should not be a controversial issue.