Reports of anti-Semitic fliers found on campus



Courtesy of University Communications.

UPDATED: 2:04 p.m. May 9, 2018

Jessica Wade
Editor in Chief

Free speech on college campuses has been a hot-button topic nationwide. From free speech zones to social media posts, the question of balancing free speech with hate speech has been widely debated.

As of Tuesday afternoon, it was reported that a controversial fliers was found on the University of Nebraska Omaha campus. The report comes as other anti-Semitic fliers were found in Dundee and surrounding areas.

In a written statement, Charlotte Evans, chief of police for UNO’s Department of Public Safety explained, “UNO Department of Public Safety (UNODPS) received a report that two anti-Semitic fliers were found posted on campus. The fliers were removed immediately and the investigation continues as UNODPS works to identify individual(s) responsible for posting the fliers.”

Evans asks that anyone with information about this incident, please contact UNODPS at 402-554-2648.