Renee Held impacted thousands of Nebraskans during her 24-year tenure with NBDC


Megan Schneider

Renee Held worked for the Nebraska Business Development Center (NBDC) over the past 24 years and retired on April 5, after helping over 2,500 people in the Midwest.

After graduating from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, she landed a job doing office process work in Schuyler, Nebraska. She started her career in a production area and worked her way into becoming a supervisor. Her career has landed her in every manufacturing plant in northeast Nebraska. Held has worked with fellow Nebraskans in McCook, North Platte and Falls City.

“Basically, I’ve been in all four corners of the state working with the manufacturers across the state,” Held said. “It’s been very rewarding.”

She began her time at the University of Nebraska at Omaha as a part of the Nebraska Manufacturing Extension Partnership. Her job consisted of consulting and training small to medium sized manufacturers in the cornhusker state.

In recent years, Held has been a member of NBDC’s Professional and Organizational Development, where she served as an account representative and lean facilitator. Her outstanding endeavor helped organizations grow and become more efficient and productive. As a result, the state’s economy prospered.

Held said NBDC is a series of programs that were brought together to assist all businesses across Nebraska. Companies become better for the economy and more prosperous for the community with the help of NBDC. Certified consultants implement confidential, impartial services and educational opportunities for well-known and start-up businesses, entrepreneurs, researchers and professionals, according to its website.

The program Held was in conducted employee settlement and management development for existing businesses. Companies become more profitable by training their employees in ways that increased productivity and revenue.

She explained the importance of educating people about ways to reduce pollution in today’s world. Held said that it’s vital each business becomes more sustainable in the future.

When reflecting on her career, Held said she will miss developing relationships with people. Her time spent in the workforce gave her a greater appreciation for the manufacturing that goes on in Nebraska. She enjoyed her travels to the many beautiful sites the state has to offer.

“It’s been very rewarding. I know I’ve touched the lives of many manufacturers across the state,” Held said.

She said that the last stage of any business occurs when a person wants to retire. Her plans for retirement are to decompress, relax and spend time traveling.

“I’d like to thank all the manufacturers I’ve worked with and thank the people I’ve worked with,” Held said. “I wish them all the best as they continue in their careers.”