Regular season finale a shootout, Kappaalphadeltasigmagamma defeated Buck Nasty 38-37


By Phil Brown, Contributor

The very last game of the men’s flag football regular season kicked off on a cool evening last Wednesday in the Center Street Dome. The combatants were Buck Nasty and kappaalphadeltasigmagamma (abbreviated to KADSG in this article). This was the final chance for the teams to prove their mettle in advance of the playoffs, and they put forth an impressive high-scoring offensive display.
Buck Nasty started with possession and were sacked on the opening play. They managed to recover, however, and drive downfield to complete the first score of the game, taking the lead at 7-0.
KADSG began the next drive slowly, a long pass was called incomplete and the ball was eventually turned over on downs. The lack of possession didn’t last long however, as a Nasty pass on the next drive was intercepted by KADSG. They drove steadily downfield, and completed a short pass to score, but a complicated series of laterals isn’t good enough for the extra point, leaving Buck Nasty in the lead at 7-6.
Buck Nasty immediately struck back with a score on the opening play of the next drive with a beautiful pass from one end of the field to another, increasing their lead by 7 points at 13-7. KADSG were unable to respond, completing passes on the following possession, but struggling for the necessary yardage.
Black drove downfield on their next possession, and scored another touchdown with a QB rush into the end zone, racking up another 7 points to make it a 14-point ball game. KADSG slowly progressed downfield on the following drive. They finally managed to respond to Nasty’s scoring onslaught, nabbing six points on a lateral play before the first half came to a close with a score of 20-12.
KADSG started the second half with the ball, and made their way slowly but steadily downfield. They managed to get a first down and goal situation, and take advantage of the opportunity by punching it in to score, cutting Nasty’s lead to two points at 20-18.
Buck Nasty started slow on offense, and a key interception killed the Nasty drive and set up another goal line situation for KADSG. They took advantage of this one as well, scoring on the next play, and gained the lead for the first time in the game. But Nasty regained the lead incredibly quickly, with an end-to-end pass completion for a touchdown on the very next down.
Their triumph was just as short-lived, as KADSG responded with a score of their own on a virtually identical end-to-end passing play on the down after that. After 21 points from both sides in a few short minutes, resulting in a scoreline of 28-31, KADSG found themselves in the lead again.
Buck Nasty suffered another sack on the next play, but recovered, drove and scored yet again. They made a three-point conversion attempt to come out on top again, 37-31. Again, KADSG were able to respond with a drive of their own, and scored on a short pass play in its culmination, regaining the lead one more time at 37-38.
With only a few seconds remaining in the game at that point, Nasty tried another long bomb, and it was on target, but unfortunately dropped in the end zone. Another last second bomb fell incomplete, and while a glimmer of hope was given in a last minute penalty, there was not enough time for Buck Nasty to regain the last point separating them and KADSG before the final whistle.
In the end, kappaalphadeltasigmagamma were the victors in the last regular season contest of the year, beating out Buck Nasty to the tune of 38-37.
Stay tuned to the results as the football playoffs approach and basketball season nears closer.