Quick Hitters


By Nate Tenopir, Sports Editor

Construction of UNO hockey’s new on campus arena has been suspended because it was discovered that the site was on top of an Indian burial ground.  The construction site, near the old location of Chili Greens, is said to contain at least 23 graves.

One of the graves is believed to contain the remains of the Omaha nation’s Chief Diamond Phillips.  Work had been taking place on the site for almost a month when the graves were discovered.

UNO officials are now in contact with the Omaha people, negotiating moving the graves to the Omaha reservation in northeast Nebraska.  Regardless of the outcome some in the athletic department are a little leery about building on top of an Indian burial ground even if the graves are removed.

“Haven’t you ever seen Poltergeist,” said one athletic department source.  “What if the video board in the new stadium turns to static and then a creepy little girl says ‘they’re here?”‘

The UNO athletic department has announced that tickets for the Parking Games will go on sale this Friday at 10 a.m.  The new competition, which will take place at Caniglia Field, features UNO students fighting to the death for parking rights on campus.

Two tributes from each college will faceoff to earn the prize offered up by Campus security.  Basic packages start at $400 for seats near the upper rows and go up from there.

Some packages include behind-the-scenes access to meet the combatants before the match as well as autographed weapons and battle wear.  UNO student seats will get seating on the east side of the stadium.

Student packages are $100.  Full details about ticket packages can be found on UNO’s athletic website omavs.com

Though real-life Maverick Durango I and his handler Leroy Skinner currently reside on the former football field, the Parking Games intends to incorporate the two into the competition.  Contestants will have to deal with half a ton of charging angry pot roast and Skinner in his shack with various weapons.