Psychology department introduces new dream research program


By Jeff Kazmierski, Copy Editor

The University of Nebraska Omaha Psychology department announced the creation of its new dream studies program Thursday, Mar. 29.  The new graduate-level Oneirology and Sleep Research program will be an interdisciplinary study field in association with Bioinformatics and the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

Asked about the program’s origins, UNO Psychology professor Joseph Snoozer said it came to him in a dream.

“Well, not my dream,” Snoozer clarified.  “I was lecturing last fall and noticed a lot of students are sleeping in class already, so it kind of grew from there.”

Snoozer described how he requisitioned an electroencephalogram from the UNMC for the Spring classes.

“It turns out saliva’s a great conductor,” Snoozer said.  “And sleeping students tend to drool a lot, so that saved us a little money.”

Graduate students are excited about the program as well.  

“If this works, we could learn some really valuable things about how students manage to graduate despite hardly paying attention in class,” bioinformatics major Glenn Oddbrain said.  “It’s also a great way to catch up on sleep while earning a few easy credit hours.”

Others were not so enthusiastic.  The program’s name appears to have caused some confusion among some students.

“I woke up with wires on my head and a bunch of people standing around with clipboards,” biology major Jeremy Dissector said.  “I thought I’d signed up for Ornithology.”

Students interested in volunteering for the program, or who have just fallen asleep in Snoozer’s class and need to sign a release form should contact either the Psychology or Bioinformatics department.