Presidential Pancake Party showcases CEC, flips more than flapjacks into Durango Days


By Richard Larson, Opinion Editor

Last Wednesday, Aug. 27, student body President Jordan Koch put on a new kind of event. Koch created an event where students could enjoy pancakes from the iconic Pancake Man, hang out in the Community Engagement Center, CEC, and meet other Mavs.
The event started at 5 p.m. and lasted a couple of hours. The line stretched as far as the Bell Tower just minutes after beginning. Free gourmet popcorn was distributed to those in line to curb appetites while waiting. The kettle corn definitely came in clutch.
Along with the free meal, students were treated to a choice of their favorite coffee drink at barista stands.
Inside the CEC, Mavs were able to network and see firsthand what the building can do for the community.
There were opportunities to become a volunteer for area projects; free ice cream, shirts and giveaways; and even a scavenger hunt.
After catching some flapjacks flipped through the air, Alex Zuehlke, a junior at the University of Nebraska at Omaha said, “It’s really great to see so many different people tonight. This is my first time in the CEC, and I had no idea the potential it had.”
Attendees ranged from fraternity and sorority life members to freshmen and athletes. All were welcomed and encouraged to eat together in the modern space inside.
“We were trying to showcase the CEC and what it has to offer,” said Koch.
“Most students had a poor connotation of the building because it took away parking. The CEC has so much more to offer, whether it be getting involved with the community or just having a place to study.”
Koch is a junior studying elementary education at UNO. Her commitment to the student body is inspiring. She is dedicated, personable and one of the most kind-hearted leaders you will find on campus.
If this event is any indication of what we can expect from our student government this year, the anticipation for what is to come will drive us all nuts. Kudos Ms. Koch, kudos.