Pokémon Go is catching campus by storm

Photo courtesy of University Communications
Photo courtesy of University Communications

Pokémon! Pokémon! Pokémon!

By now you’ve heard about the insanely popular mobile gaming application Pokémon Go.

Trainers both young and old have invaded the University of Nebraska at Omaha campus on the hunt for said Pokémon — and campus officials are loving all the new foot traffic.

In fact, the university released campus maps and hints on where to find the 35-plus Pokéstops and 5 gyms across its three campuses. For visitors, you can log onto the free WiFi the campus offers to find everything from Weedles and Rattatas to Scythers and Gastlies as you make your way from Baxter Arena to Arts and Sciences Hall.

Parking on campus is open to the public. Check out the Visitor Parking Map for more info as well as other ways to get to campus*.

A few key landmarks to look for…

Dodge Campus:

Criss Library (9): Walk inside and cool off at the café, or check out what’s on display at the Osborne Family Gallery.

Henningson Memorial Campanile (14): Battle it out in the center of Dodge Campus at the gym under the 168-foot bell tower.

Arts and Sciences Hall (2): Built in 1938, this is the oldest building on UNO’s campus. You’ll find another gym at the building’s northwest corner.

Pacific Campus:

Peter Kiewit Institute (A): This building, which houses UNO’s College of Information Science and Technology, is at the 67th and Pacific Streets intersection.

Mammel Hall (B): Home to the College of Business Administration, Pokémon trainers will be kept busy at the seven Pokestops surrounding Mammel Hall.

Scott Court (F): UNO’s newest student housing complex is where you can find another gym to take over (S 64th Ave and Shirley Streets).


Why so popular?

– Just two days after the app’s release, it was already installed on 5 percent of all Android devices in the United States according to US Android App Data.

– It seems as though people are looking for Pokémon more than they are looking for love. According to recent reports Pokémon Go now has more users than the popular dating app Tinder.

– Due to the aspect in Pokémon Go that makes you walk to hatch Pokémon eggs, people have no choice but to go out and get active. The game also senses when you’re driving, which means one isn’t able to cheat their way to hatching eggs.

– Playing Pokémon Go comes great responsibility. Countless traffic accidents have been reported due to people playing Pokémon Go while driving. On the other side of the spectrum, people have also been hit by cars due to not paying attention while catching Pokémon.

– Nationwide police departments have seen increased calls about trespassing or suspicious activity due to the game. It is important to always be aware of one’s surroundings when playing the game. There have been reports of people putting down lures to attract people in order to rob them.

Whether you chose to test your luck as a Pokémon Master or pray for this game fad to come to an end. Take a moment to enjoy the nostalgia this game is creating for people.