Pitch Perfect is Ca-Awesome


By Natali Bianco, Contributor


“Pitch Perfect’s” raunchy, uncensored characters give viewers a refreshing take on the youth of today.  It is the classic story of the underdogs, but with very interesting twists. 

With a versatile cast including Rebel Wilson, Brittany Snow and Omaha native Adam DeVine from the hit television show “Workaholics,” the movie will have you rolling out of your chair in laughter.   

Beca played by Anna Kendrick is a wannabe DJ and outcast trying to coast through her first year of college when she gets sucked into the prissy, uptight world of the female a cappella group, The Bellas.

The Bellas, in past years, were described as “perfect beach-bod-babes” with perfect voices to match. But, a 2011 public vomiting incident changed everything.  As The Bellas are trying to regain prestige, they are willing to accept anyone into their group, beach bod or not. 

Eventually, they are able to enlist a wide range of recruits. From lesbians, to psychopaths, to “fattys,” The Bellas now have it all.

The Bellas are notorious for having very drab performances and for reusing the same songs year after year. So Beca brings her eclectic DJ creativity to the table, which ends up being a turning point for the group, unexpectedly, making their performances pretty good.  

They’re hoping they now might have a shot at beating long time male a capella rivals, The Treblemakers

But power, love and vomit just might just get in the way. 

The story line is a bit cliché, but don’t let that fool you.  The interesting screenplay and the raw comedy of the characters are well worth the price of admission.  The movie gives you the feeling the director gave the actors no limits and they all definitely took their comedy beyond the next level.   

This movie is a must-see that will leave you saying, “That was a ca-awesome!”