Outlet recieves more than a facelift, expected to bring in revenue and jobs


By Kristin Rogers

Many Omahans remember the old Nebraska Crossing shopping center, located near Gretna, between Omaha and Lincoln. For those that do remember the strip mall, it’s easy to know why it’s being redone. The much needed renovation is set to conclude at the end of this month. Just in time for holiday shopping, the Nebraska Crossing Outlets will open its doors on Nov. 15.
        The outlet mall will expand much larger than the old shopping center. The original shopping center was 190,000 square ft, while the new outlet mall will be 350,000 square ft. Along with expanding, the mall will also have a completely updated look. The new buildings will be styled in a rural-modern fashion. This means the color scheme will range from barn-hued reds to rusty-colored yellows, while still maintaining a modern style. The color scheme was influenced from the surrounding farmland.
    The mall has 45 retailers and over 65 different brands. Many stores going into the outlet mall are stores Omaha does not have. Some of the big name stores that are being built include: Adidas, Coach, Converse, Michael Kors, Lucky Brand, Nike and Under Armour.
    The Nebraska Crossing Outlets is costing $112 million to build and is expected to host 2,000 to 3,000 customers every day and over 3 million per year. Customers are expected to travel from a 150-mile radius for the new stores.
    The outlet is also creating new jobs for Omaha area residents. According to an Omaha World Herald article, the Nike outlet has announced they will hire 125 new employees part-time and full-time. Forever 21 will add 100 new employees for their outlet store, and Gap plans to have 50 to 60 new employees by opening day.
    To hire all these new employees, the mall has been holding job fairs. According to the same Omaha World Herald article, around 250 people attended the job fair recently at Gretna high school, which hosted 20 retailers who conducted interviews with job-seekers. Because the holidays will approach quickly after opening, the mall is expected to add an additional seasonal employees to assist with the rush.