Opinion: Why you should be a part of UNO Dance Marathon


Jared Sindt

Dance Marathon is one of the many organizations at UNO that students can get involved in. Photo courtesy of UNO Dance Marathon.

UNO Dance Marathon (UNODM) is a student-run organization that raises funds for Omaha Children’s Hospital & Medical Center. Recently, I registered to be a part of this organization and learned about all the good this program does.

I recently learned about Dance Marathon and wanted to explore more about this fundraising organization. To do this, I attended one of their events and interviewed the Vice President of Programming, Alex Welch, to learn about how and why the students run this organization.

“I am very passionate about Dance Marathon, and I think it’s such a great opportunity for college students to help out,” Welch said. “I feel like every person has a story where they have a sick friend or family member that has been to Children’s [Hospital].”

Like Welch, I feel this organization is one of opportunity. Most of the students at UNO are fortunate enough to attend college, and organizations like Dance Marathon are a chance for the students to give opportunities to those less fortunate.

Who this organization benefits was a point of interest to me as well. Welch answered questions for me on their Miracle kids and told me that each of their kids is connected to one of their sponsors.

“We do a bunch of activities with them throughout the year,” Welch said.

Welch said that as a part of the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority, one of Dance Marathon’s sponsors, she interacts with their miracle kid, Milly, frequently. Welch also told me that although they do have events with the kids atChildren’s Hospital, COVID has made it difficult to have those events.

The organization seems to have a lot of outreaches, even starting a new branch at my old high school, Westside. Although it’s their first year at the high school, Welch said she was excited to “see where it goes.”

Dance Marathon’s first event was Aug. 26, and was a success in Welch’s eyes. It was their first time hosting this event and it exceeded her expectations.

“We raised $1,800 and had nearly 300 people come through, so that was really good,” Welch said.

For a student-run organization, they seem to be getting a lot of fundraising for their cause. I am happy to say I registered myself as well, and paid the $15 fee to become a member. Once you register for Dance Marathon, I found out you can easily share a link to your page and start your own individual fundraising on your own time.

This is one of those organizations on campus I feel you should join, especially if you’re new to UNO. Dance Marathon even offers a program called the Dance Marathon Impact Program to help integrate new students and get them involved with Dance Marathon.

According to the UNO Dance Marathon’s website, “DMIP (Dance Marathon Impact Program) provides service-minded students with the opportunity to utilize their talents for UNO Dance Marathon. After a brief introductory period, DMIP members are placed into committees within the UNO Dance Marathon team.”

So, if you’re new to campus, or just looking for some way to give back to your community, please consider joining Dance Marathon. Choose to join and give kids the opportunity that they deserve. Joinso that, as Welch would put it, “ every kid has a chance to become a Maverick.”

If you want to get involved with Dance Marathon, please go to HOME | unodancemarathon for more information on how you can join the cause.