OPINION: Why Self-Care is Necessary During Quarantine


Mariah Koeneke

While it may not be a solution for everything, self-care can be incredibly beneficial in the current state of our world. Graphic by Mariah Koeneke

From March to June of this year, I was stuck inside. I had no job, no friends nearby and no projects to keep me busy. I was slowly going insane in my parents’ house, located in a small-town south of Omaha. Yes, it is one of those small towns… A yee-haw, beer drinking, river-floating town. Given that description, I choose to not identify with my small town’s way of life. So, it is not hard to see how I was slowly going absolutely mad during quarantine.

Self-care has become a way of life for some people amid this never-ending pandemic. For some, it is still a very new topic. I believe self-care is beyond important and everyone should practice it in some form. Self-care can be anything from taking time to read a new book, magazine or the back of your new shampoo bottle. It can even be just sitting outside for a few minutes a day, unplugged. Sometimes your household pets enjoy conversations about everything and nothing at the same time.

Our minds and bodies deserve some TLC! Especially now more than ever. We are all cooped up and going stir-crazy while being deprived of so many social events that were supposed to take place over the course of 2020. Some examples are as follows: concerts, birthdays, bar crawls, work events, family gatherings, festivals, general celebrations and traveling have all been put on hold for the foreseeable future.

During my long-lived quarantine, I tried a few things. One being: bingeing Criminal Minds. This was both good and bad for me. It completely took my mind off the world around me, but some of the episodes are a little much when you’ve watched ten in a row. I also read some new books about mental health and a few about true crime. I listened to all my podcasts and became bored, so Criminal Minds kept me company while I was jobless from March 16th to nearly June 1st.

We can all use a pick-me-up here and there to keep ourselves sane and somewhat normal, especially now given the circumstances. I’m not saying that self-care is the cure-all for potential quarantine madness, but it does help. A face mask, a new show to binge, a movie you’ve always wanted to see, a room revamp, or just a short drive around your neighborhood can all be good for you. Everyone expresses self-care differently, but as long as you are allowing yourself some rejuvenation and wind-down time, it’s more than okay.

Whether you are still quarantining and social-distancing or slowly getting back to normal life, take a little time for yourself and enjoy some well-deserved self-care for your tired, maybe mad, quarantined soul.