OPINION: Why an abortion law in Nebraska would be useless


Jared Sindt

Nebraskans must consider how an extreme abortion law would impact the community. Photo courtesy of Eagle Web Services.

In the wake of the Texas abortion law, many in Nebraska believe it will cause our legislature to consider doing the same. Although I am a man who personally has chosen not to vote for or against abortion, I truly do not understand the logic of having the law in our state.

I’m not one to question laws in other states. I don’t personally have a problem with what Texas law chooses to do for their state, even if it seems idiotic. Nebraska, however, is a much different story.

Nebraska is a landlocked state surrounded by multiple other states, all of which have different rules of abortion. If abortion laws are put in place, many people looking to get an abortion will gladly leave the state.

Abortion is already difficult for women in Nebraska, as they are required to jump through several hoops in the form of testing and gaining approval.

According to chapter 28 of the Nebraska legislature, “the woman is told the following by the physician who is to perform the abortion, by the referring physician, or by a physician assistant or registered nurse licensed under the Uniform Credentialing Act who is an agent of either physician, at least twenty-four hours before the abortion.”

This is an example of just one of the things a woman must have in Nebraska in order to perform an abortion — go to the Nebraska legislature to view them all.

I do my best to understand religious reasons for voters, and although I do not believe religion has any place in politics, everyone’s beliefs should be respected.

Even those with religious beliefs, however, must see the failure in logic for stricter laws to be enacted in Nebraska — especially in Omaha, where anyone can drive two to four hours to get to three different states if a woman really wants to get an abortion.

Banning abortion in Nebraska doesn’t ban abortion, it just makes it more difficult for those who want it done professionally. All stricter laws would do is cause many women to resort to unsafe methods to give themselves an abortion, and that is far worse and riskier than any medical procedure.

As a man, I know my opinion isn’t as important as a woman’s on this aspect, as I know I will never have to understand what the situation is like. I do believe, though, that there are cases that call for abortion, even if you are pro-life. I think most should agree that no woman should have to carry her rapist’s baby.

So even if you have your reasons for being pro-life, which I can respect, I urge everyone to look at how this law would impact the community and not just blindly follow what it says it will do.