OPINION: Video game industry is finally recovering after COVID


Jared Sindt

“‘Elden Ring’ is a masterclass of game design.” Photo courtesy of TechStory.

Like so many others, the video game industry took a large hit when COVID-19 started. Games were pushed back, quality dropped and some still cannot buy a PS5 to this day.

Finally, though, we are starting to see video games brought back to full fruition, and this year is going to be huge for the industry.

To start the year off, the “Pokémon” franchise released two new games and plans on having a third at the end of the year — the most released in such a short duration ever.

Recently, the game “Elden Ring” has received rave reviews and for some is considered one of the greatest games ever made. A PS5 reviewer says it all.

“Never before has such detail and passion been offered to the open world genre,” a reviewer says in a PlayStation Country article. “‘Elden Ring’ is a masterclass of game design.”

“Halo infinite” was also released toward the end of last year, and has updates and co-op scheduled for the future. The game’s popularity will most likely skyrocket again once online co-op becomes available.

The newest installment of “God of War” will be released later this year as well, and most speculate it could rival “Elden Ring’s” success. The “God of War” installments’ storytelling has always been immaculate, and the trailers have only served to boost the game’s hype.

Finally, the “Hogwarts Legacy” game dropped a trailer and revealed it will be released during the holiday season this year. This game will be set in the world of Harry Potter at Hogwarts.

These are just some of the most notable game releases of the year, with many others on the way. After failed releases such as “Cyberpunk” and “Battlefield 2042” in previous years, it’s good to see that games taking their time to produce quality are taking the stage.

Hopefully, all these releases will give us the best year of gaming to date. Be ready to keep your storage free, and your weekends open.