OPINION: The benefits of moving away from your hometown

Feeling stuck? Here is the extra push you need. Photo courtesy of pixels.com

Skylar Vance

There haven’t been a lot of aspects of my life I have felt completely sure of. My style is inconsistent and I’m always changing my hair. I constantly find myself thinking about things that had happened years ago and wondering if I made the right decision. 

These thoughts consume me, as I question if one different choice would give me a different outcome; a different life. This feeling is known as the butterfly effect.

While pondering these different possibilities, one thing that has remained unchanged in my mind is my choice to move out of my hometown after high school. Growing up in a small city, I was surrounded by people that are– how do I put it– closed-minded. Everything revolves around income, family status and sports. Once I realized this, everything became a lot easier for me.

I had never been the best at sports. I played, but knew I wasn’t going to do it professionally, so my mind was never really there. My family is small and unconventional, so my last name never got me far, either. As far as money goes, I knew struggle. 

In the past, I used to think these things were holding me back. However, after moving, I felt as if I was looking at life through a new set of lenses. I stopped blaming myself for not seeing past the trivial dilemmas I used to believe were the end of the world. I didn’t know better, and I never saw any better. I was allowing myself to become what I was surrounded by.

Moving on my own offered me independence and a peace of mind. Moreso, it gave me wings to fly.