OPINION: It’s time to be more careful about driving in the snow


Natasha McCallister

Drivers need to be smart, and also patient, on the roads during snowy weather. Graphic by Mars Nevada/the Gateway

The second semester of school has begun, and the winter weather has finally decided to show up. When temperatures outside are in the single digits and teens, it is a good idea to always be prepared for bad weather, especially for drivers.

Depending on where you are coming from, Omaha roads may or may not be cleared by the time you are ready to leave for your morning commute. There are a few things you can do to prepare for bad winter weather.

One way to prepare for frigid temperatures when leaving is to have your vehicle serviced. Pay attention to the car’s mileage and when the next oil check needs to be done. This will keep the car running smoothly.

While getting the car serviced, the tires should also be checked. The cold air outside drops the pressure inside the tire. Check to make sure there is a spare tire. When driving long distances, no one wants to risk becoming stranded on the side of the road with a flat and no spare.

Another way to prepare the car for the cold is to keep it stocked with winter weather necessities. An ice scraper is always a handy tool to have and maybe a blanket or two while waiting for the windshield to defrost.

When getting ready to leave, let the car sit for a few minutes to heat up. Imagine the car is waking up and needs a few minutes before starting the day.

It is important to be prepared for bad weather in winter when driving. According to Carsurance, about 76,000 people are injured in traffic accidents during snowfall every year.

Follow KETV News channel or website for weather updates in the area. If it is snowing and the road conditions are predicted to be bad, leave a little early and do not rush.

Students can sign up for alerts from the University of Nebraska at Omaha to inform them of any weather advisory and possible school closings.

Whether driving to work or school, take the extra time to prepare yourself so you can arrive safely.