OPINION: How to prepare for a second quarantine


Mariah Koeneke

As COVID cases rise, these things can help you prepare for a potential second lockdown. Graphic by Mariah Koeneke

These last few months have proven to be more than difficult for the United States. Not only has it been impossible for some people to understand the importance of wearing masks, there have also been protests held by those who are fully against masks.

Since August, cases have been increasing at terrifying rates, notably in the United States, which has led a few cities to invoke new restrictions as cases continue to increase. This means that there may be another nation-wide lock down in our future, one that is ‘worse’ than before to get the spread under control.

I understand that the thought of having to stay home again with even more restrictions can be scary. However, I do have a few ways you can attempt to prepare and overcome it.

My favorite way to get past the quarantine blues is usually reading a wide array of new books. If you don’t have anything on your reading radar, check out this article  and this article, which both outline numerous must reads of 2020. I have to admit, I pulled from both of these lists and have a few sitting on my bookshelf right now.

Another way to pass time is to create a new daily routine. Having a clear and normal daily routine not only passes time fast, but it can also promote mental health and an overall healthier lifestyle. This article outlines five additions to your daily routine that can promote a healthier lifestyle while staying safe and staying home.

Taking a drive was up there with my favorites as well. I am currently living back home with my parents in a small town with miles and miles of gravel and dirt country roads. This proved to be beyond therapeutic as I found plenty of abandoned spaces, old cemeteries, beautiful stretches of land and amazingly fresh air.

Whatever you choose to do, I hope it helps you get through whatever is coming our way this winter as cases rise.

Mask up and stay safe.