Online Exclusive: President Trumps attack on transgender students

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Kaylee Pierce

Transgender students were just starting to see adaptation to their wants when the Trump administration pulled the rug out from underneath them last Wednesday with a letter.

Trump recently decided to rid the regulations and guidelines President Barack Obama implemented that allowed transgender students to use the restroom of the gender they associate with. After getting a taste of what it felt like to finally have more freedom, transgender students will have to take several steps back.

It has been no secret that President Trump isn’t a fan of the transgender or LGBT+ societies, but for him to go and take back that privilege seems and feels so wrong. It shouldn’t be such a great deal for a transgender student to be able to use a restroom of their chosen gender. It is not like they are doing anyone or themselves harm in the process.

It has been amazing seeing all the progress that has been made on their behalf. I have read so many stories of transgender people being so thankful and happy that they were finally able to do something so small as use the restroom of their chosen gender. I know a girl who was born a guy and I was so happy when I found out transgender issues were finally being turned around. It feels like the world just took several giant leaps back.

It is hard to imagine what it feels like to be a transgender student who’s right was taken away. It is devastating to imagine what else could be coming. The other day I was thinking, just how far will President Trump go? Will he stop with this? Will he do something worse? It is terrifying to think about and I’m not transgender.

School is hard enough for most students and it’s twice as hard for students who aren’t perceived as what society dubs “normal”. Let’s put ourselves in their shoes. How would it feel to walk back into the wrong restroom after being able to use the right one, the one they identify as. What is a day in their shoes like? Do they get made fun of? Do they feel wrong using the wrong restroom. President Trump’s letter said schools should ensure students are in a safe environment.

“All schools must ensure that all students, including LGBT students, are able to learn and thrive in a safe environment.” President Trump’s letter read.

It doesn’t seem like President Trump is going to make that easy. With everything that has happened during the beginning of his presidency, what will the rest of it bring?