Online Exclusive: Beacon Hills Review

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Will Patterson

Beacon Hills is a new restaurant that has recently opened in the Aksarben Village area.

The close proximity to the University of Nebraska at Omaha’s campus should put it on the radar for anyone looking grab a bite after class.

The restaurant may be a bit pricy for the average college student’s budget but can still make for a fun date night or night out on the town. A customer buying an appetizer and entree can expect to pay anywhere from $20 to $30, not including the tip.

Atmosphere is a major plus of Beacon Hills. The interior’s style combines a rustic style with a modern touch. While maintaining the professional appearance of a higher-class establishment, the mood is still light and friendly. Laughter and conversation fill the air on a busy night.

One of Beacon Hill’s greatest assets is its appetizer selection. Those looking to try something creative and original can look to the appetizer menu for great starters or a possible meal.

A highlight from the appetizers is the lasagna bites. These are delicious and unusual, and are definitely worth trying at least once.

The crab rangoons are another spectacular appetizer. While typically a lower quality appetizer, Beacon Hills reinvents the dish by stuffing each roll with noticeable amounts of crab. The taste is noticeably different from the typical crab rangoon.

As far as entrees go, most selections appear to be worth the price. One of Beacon Hill’s dishes from out of the ordinary is their grilled cheese. Prepared for adults, the dish is hard for anyone to dislike.

Currently the wait time for a meal can be lengthy on a busy night, not surprising given how packed the restaurant is in the evening. This will likely melt away as time passes and the initial excitement of a new restaurant dies down. Making reservations, especially on the weekend, would still be a wise decision for the coming weeks.

The restaurant is new, as much of the staff are as well. Wait staff mixed up a couple of smaller details about the meal and easily became overwhelmed with the large rushes coming in.

Despite the struggles of a new staff and establishment, all employees were very kind and quick to help. Friendliness is a clear goal of Beacon Hills and it is upheld by those working there. Apologies and explanations to delays in kitchen are certain to appease the reasonable customer.