On-campus employment offers generous benefits


By Katie Fritton, Contributor

Most people look at the University of Nebraska Omaha as a place to further their education, but many who are employed by the university see it as so much more.
UNO provides opportunities and offers benefits for its employees that make it a great place to work. Its employees range from current students and recent graduates to longtime employees. and everything in between.
Esther Scarpello has been the benefit manager for the UNO facility, staff and retirees since 2003.
“You receive a full range benefit package as a UNO employee including medical, dental, and life insurance as well as a retirement plan,” Scarpello said.
Dr. Dave Ogden, a UNO professor for the School of Communication, is one of the many employees who receives the benefit package Scarpello described.
“My favorite benefit I receive as a UNO employee are the months of June. July and August,” Ogden said.
Ogden said the biggest perk of the package is the retirement plan.
“With the retirement plan, they match the money you put in, so it’s definitely a good thing to have,” Ogden said.
Kim Ogochukwu is the administrative assistant for student services at the College of Education and says the benefit package she receives as a full-time UNO employee is one of the biggest perks of her job.
“I am very grateful to receive the benefit package that we do here at UNO,” Ogochukwu said. “I think my favorite part of it is the cost. I can’t even imagine how much things like medical and dental insurance would be if I didn’t receive the coverage I did with my benefits package.”
Although the benefit package is not given to students who work on campus, student workers receive benefits as well: just in a different way. Aaron Kruse, a student at UNO, lived in Scott Court the past three years without a car while working for the university’s parking services.
“Funny right? I work at parking and never have to deal with parking,” Kruse said.
Kruse said he found it easy to work where he lived and went to school because everything he needed was right on campus.
“Working on campus as a student is the best; I would recommend it to anyone,” Kruse said.
Because Kruse is a student worker, he does not receive any benefits besides his paycheck and the knowledge of how parking on campus works. But Kruse believes his role as a student worker has many more benefits.
“Everything is in one place and they are able to work around your classes very well,” Kruse said. “Plus, the staff here are all so great that working with them is its own benefit.”