Omaha restaurant houses one of the worlds largest scotch collection


Megan Fabry 

The Dundee Dell has 750 bottles for patrons to choose from. Photo courtesy of Dundee Dell.

From the outside, the Dundee Dell looks like a modest, long-lasting restaurant. This changes once customers come through the door and discover the restaurant proudly owns one of the biggest scotch and whisky collections in the world.

Whisky has been distilled in Scotland for hundreds of years. The term “whisky” was coined from a Gaelic phrase meaning “water of life.” All scotch whisky was originally made from malted barley, but distilleries now use many other products to create the alcohol including wheat and rye.

Dundee Dell’s previous owner Pat Gobel developed a passion for collecting scotch and traveling to Scotland to visit the many distilleries the country housed. When he became the owner in 1987, he decided to take his love of scotch and grow the collection at the restaurant. The Dundee Dell now has 750 bottles and represents 101 distilleries, which is the biggest collection in the western hemisphere and includes a 40-year-old Highland Park scotch that sells for $200 an ounce.

Each bartender is expected to learn as much about scotch as they can so they can answer any questions curious alcohol lovers throw their way.

“All of our bartenders have started either as servers or barbacks and have worked hard and acquired knowledge through each other, research and our monthly scotch tastings,” manager and chef Allie Lonergan said.

Scotch connoisseurs travel far and wide to visit the Dundee Dell and try the vast collection of scotch, bourbons and rye whisky. The Dell offers scotch fights and does tastings every second Sunday of the month at 4 p.m. where patrons can come in and try new whiskys, including the Dell’s 27-year-old bottle of Glen Farclas old port cast finish. Its barrel was purchased during one of Gobel’s many visits to Scotland and is one of a kind, only available at the Dundee Dell.

The Dell will be represented at Omaha’s first annual Whisky Fest on Feb. 8