Omaha Nightlife launches new image and website


Omaha Night Life, the website that throws parties and takes photos of party goers, has recently revamped their site. Instead of the usual set up, the site is more of a guide to nightlife with the focus more on pictures and events.
The site allows for more interaction with the photos and real time tagging on Facebook. Omaha Night Life owner, Kelly Klein, said that the new site keeps track of online clicks.
“The biggest key feature is the information,” said Klein in a previous interview. “What we’re going to be able to do with the ‘Intelligence’ model behind it…it’s going to perform all the functions really can do but on top of that have tracking mechanisms.”
Continuing the trend of advertising that tracks online activity, the new site tracks what users click on and keeps records of their interests.
“When you go to the website…any music you click on, the more it’s going to show you that type of information and the less it’s going to show you of country.” said Klein. “It’s going to notice you never click on country.”
There will also be a login function, to allow users to have more control and be able to tag their pictures on Facebook. There will be more social media components built into the site.
Additionally, Omaha Night Life will be allowing area bands to create their own page on the site for free. Restaurants and bars will be charged a monthly fee for creating a profile. Klein wants businesses to join as they could potentially get a big return on investment into a profile.
With a slick new layout and plans for the future, Omaha Night Life seems to have it all together.