Omaha local musician makes big moves in the music industry


Erik Mauro

If you go to your favorite local bar or pay attention to the local music, the chances are you have heard her songs at least once. Jocelyn Muhammad is a local musician who is gaining recognition for her musical abilities. Enough that she has signed a record deal, in fact.

In January of 2018, she signed a record deal with BMG: The New Music Company. The deal is for three records, and she is currently working on her first one.

“It’s like Tracy Chapman and Prince had a love child,” Jocelyn said with a laugh when asked how to describe her sound. She cites Ed Sheeran, Shawn Mendes, Prince and Ariana Grande as some of her biggest influencers.

Jocelyn was first scouted by Darius Rucker on Undercover Boss back in May 2017. She still sees Rucker, who was instrumental in helping Jocelyn’s career grow.

“I was just down in South Carolina. I hung out with him, we wrote some music, and just had a great time,” Muhammad said.

After her record is released, Jocelyn is hoping to tour around the country. Currently, Jocelyn and her team are looking at multiple options for touring.

“Watching Jocelyn perform gave me chills,” said Kelly Nyberg, host of the former Morning Blend, a morning talk show in Omaha. Jocelyn performed her music on the show. “She is an inspiration to all musicians of a young age to chase their musical dreams.”

Jocelyn performed on the show twice, performing her song “Nothing Left to Say.” She has also performed at other local events such as Hear Nebraska.

Jocelyn states that her biggest goal is to be charting in the national Top 100 someday, and be playing on the radio regularly. She has released a new single off the upcoming album, called “Speak Up,” a song that she says has a very personal meaning to her.

“In this world we can all feel so small and not important. I was in Los Angeles and getting a lot of hate mail. I felt low, and I wanted to react. I know they were just trying to get a reaction out of me. The song is really about standing up to bullies and being positive.”

She got the inspiration to write “Speak Up” after talking to her producer about the situation. With the song’s success, it looks like Jocelyn made the right decision to write a song.

“Speak Up” acts as an overarching theme to the whole album, which is about just making yourself feel better. For more information on Speak Up, visit her Facebook page.

“In this world we can all feel so small and not important. The reality is everybody is important, unique, everybody is different. When you are mindful of that, you become aware of your surroundings.”

“Speak Up” can be found on her YouTube channel, “Jocelyn Music.” Her final message to listeners is to feel empowered and don’t feel like a small fish in a big pond.