Omaha-based band of teen triplets release debut album


Omaha’s up-and-coming music scene is certainly something to watch. Sprinkled with brilliant songwriters, vibrant artists and a musical backbone built on many different genres, the metro’s lyrical landscape as a whole is unique in itself.
A relatively new band contributing to Omaha’s unique music scene is Clark & Company – a group comprised of 16-year-old triplets, Sophie, Simon and Cooper Clark. Six months ago the Westside High School students were just planting their roots as Clark & Company, with goals to focus on and fine-tune their original songs and to invite various talented youths to join them onstage at gigs and play with the band as Company Members.
“That’s the best part,” Simon said. “Having other great musicians come and play with us – we love to collaborate and take the songs to another level.”
Fast-forward to January and the trio released their first album, “Three of Swords.” Around 120 people helped the band celebrate their debut album at a release show at the Benson Pizza Shoppe Collective on Jan. 18. The CD includes 13 original songs, which incorporate many acoustic sounds and styles.
With Sophie as the songwriter, and on the keyboard and vocals; Cooper on acoustic and electric bass; and Simon on drums and percussion, the sibling’s noted their influence comes from many different musicians, bands and genres.
Sophie said, “Lyrically, a lot of my influence comes from Bob Dylan, the Counting Crows lately have been influential, also Paul Simon. For example, with Graceland, he developed a unique sound and kind of made it his own – I think that’s kind of what we’re trying to do with our sound, so I found a lot of inspiration in that.”
Cooper said his influences are blues and jazz, as the band listens to a lot of orchestrated music.
“We try to incorporate that into our sound, too,” Sophie said.
Simon shared their sound has also influenced the way he plays the drums, taking him in the direction from mainly using sticks in a previous band to using brushes more and low-tuning. “I listened to the stuff we would be doing in Clark & Company and it just kind of felt natural to go that direction with my playing.”
Like many bands, emerging and seasoned, Clark & Company’s music is inspired by other musicians, but still owns a distinct, original sound. “It’s unique. Of course, people like labels and they want to put a label on it, but we’re going with soft Rock. Then there’s a lot of blues in our music and jazz,” Sophie said.
It’s apparent inspiration and collaboration together, and for those who join the band onstage, is key.
“I like the moments when we have friends over or our Company over … and we play the song and it just comes magically together,” Cooper said.
Sophie agreed. “When we add different instruments, and then it all sounds like how it sounds in our head, it’s really cool,” she said. “That’s a good feeling and everyone starts smiling, and we’re like, ‘this is good, this is good.’”
The band started recording “Three of Swords” mid-October. Originally, there was only supposed to be 12 tracks on the album, but a song Sophie wrote for a friend going through a tough time, “Patrick’s Song,” brought the CD’s total to 13 original tunes.
“Through the whole recording process, I was still writing, so it was kind of like I’d write something and then if we wanted it to be on the album we would record it,” Sophie said.
And the songs keep coming. With five or six songs in the works, the band hopes to release their second album this summer. Clark & Company’s “Three of Swords” can be purchased at the Village Grinder, located in Countryside Village.