Omaha “bands” together for music festival honoring former UNO student


Megan Fabry

Friends of the late Scott Limbeck and local musicians teamed up on Friday August 10 to host a celebration of life in Falconwood Park.

Scottython is a concert for former UNO student Scott Limbeck, who was killed in a hit and run crash in 2009. The event is a fundraiser that is held every year by family and friends to honor his memory.

This year, Scottython had several musicians perform throughout the night, such as A.D.D., Aly Peeler and The Candy Boys. There was a $10 charge to get in and merchandise for sale, such as t-shirts and stickers. Proceeds from the concert go to the Scott Limbeck Scholarship that was set up for UNO students.

Limbeck was an avid music lover, so his family couldn’t think of a better way to keep him in their hearts than to have a day dedicated to him and to music. Shaun Shepoka was a close friend of Limbeck’s and helps coordinate Scottython each year.

“Scott was such a big supporter of his friends music endeavors and we wanted to celebrate his life as best we could with a big concert/party,” Shepoka said. “It then steamrolled into having it every year and giving away scholarships in his name.”

Shepoka is in charge of hiring bands to play at Scottython. He also recruits businesses to donate to the scholarship and creates posters and fliers to generate interest in the event.

This year, Shepoka reached out to MavRadio for coverage of the event while it was happening. Michael “A.C.” Castillo produced a live broadcast to help further the “it’s nice to be nice” narrative that Limbeck believed in.

“Through this cathartic and therapeutic process I feel like I personally made a brand new friend in Scott Limbeck,” Castillo said. “I feel like I got to know somebody that if he were sitting next to me right now in this moment, he would be my friend, and he is my friend.”

Castillo spent hours conducting interviews and editing content to make sure the broadcast was perfect. He said it was a story that helped him restore his faith in people again, and that it was one of the proudest things he’s ever done in his life.

This year was the ninth annual Scottython, and each year has attracted more people and more support within the community.

“I just hope that the message that gets across is that there are good people in this world and the impacts good people in this world make on us our everlasting,” Limbeck said. “Scott has been gone nine years now which has gone by so fast yet the days without him are long. But to know that we are giving back to other people in Scott’s name makes us all so very proud to have known him.