Now and then


By Casey L. Wilson, Contributor

I feel blank when I see you,

where there were words found before,

because where you used to say those little things.

Those little things are no more.

For years to come have come and gone

and keep coming as they may,

I grab on to the past in front

and beg it just to stay.

But when the past has gone and lost

And the present now in place,

I await the future of today

and look it in the face.

And plead it to be better than now

and twice as good as before,

because when I see you in my future,

I wonder what for me is in store.

If for me it’s the happiness I see within your eyes,

then I may only be jubilant for what the future has for me.

And when I see you smile there,

I know that you agree.

So please within the future

let us not forget the past.

And when it comes down to the present,

Let us beg it for us to last.