New representation of women in the media on campus


Makayla Roumph

Ana Bellinghausen (left), President, Alexa Blase (middle), and Avarie Howard (right), Vice President, prepare for their first show “By The Horns” that streamed on Sep. 18. Students may watch the episodes on Instagram and Twitter. Photo courtesy of Avarie Howard.

There is a new club on campus that is making way for UNO women to get involved and use their voice within the media. With a lack of representation for women in the journalism and entertainment industry as a whole, UNO students Avarie Howard, Ana Bellinghausen and Alexa Blase started a new club in August called “Women in Media.”

Their mission statement is “to connect, encourage and guide women who are interested in a career in media. Our mission is to help women garner not only the necessary skills, but also the needed confidence in their abilities, while also creating a sisterhood.”

This new club was founded and rooted with the goal to allow a safe place for women to learn and experiment in front of the camera, behind the camera and everything in between, such as graphic media and social media. Avarie Howard, Vice President of Women in Media, is involved in the sports media scene. However, she said the club is not limited to only sports media.

A behind the scenes photo was captured of Ana Bellinghausen (left) and Avarie Howard (right) performing live for the first “By The Horns” episode. Photo courtesy of Avarie Howard.

“There is a lack of women in sports media in the world and at UNO and we wanted to create a comfortable environment that welcomes in women who have a passion for journalism and media,” Howard said. “This goes for sports, news, weather, social media, videography, podcasting, marketing and networking.”

Howard said the representation of women in the journalism and media scene is improving, but there is plentiful room for the industry to continue to grow in this direction.

Women in Media was created to better prepare female students at UNO to use their voice and talents prior to graduation, when they are faced with the challenge to compete as a woman to get a job in the competitive field of journalism. Howard and the other leaders involved have big plans to continue to grow their new club and platform.

“By the end of the year, we want to have an all women broadcast,” Howard said. “We want to continue to grow the numbers of women each year. If we have enough women, we can create a national chapter which would help us grow even more.”

Avarie Howard is captured in front of the camera during the broadcast. Photo courtesy of Avarie Howard.

Howard said the expectations in the Women in Media Club is to be surrounded by other like-minded individuals with the same passions.

“The expectation is to get involved and to be a part of something that you are passionate about,” Howard said. “We want to host more guest speakers and virtual meetings, and we would love to have more women join these events.

Students can learn more about these events and how to get involved by following their Instagram and Twitter pages @womeninmediauno. To join, students can fill out the google form that can also be found in their Instagram and Twitter bios. Feel free to ask Avarie Howard, Ana BellingHausen and Alexa Blase with any possible questions.