New program would offer different approach to campus communication


By Jackson Booth, Reporter


Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Dan Shipp, shared a new approach to university communication, OrgSync, with Student Government senators.

OrgSync is an online management system that offers communication from clubs and organizations to the rest of the student body. Each organization at the university would have its own portal where it could update calendars with events and important information. In theory, all students would have personal accounts with OrgSync to access upcoming events at the university.

“It is a communication vehicle for student clubs and organizations,” Shipp said. “It works but it takes time.”

Shipp said it took several years for OrgSync to have a strong campus presence at his previous university, University of the Pacific, . While it takes time, one way to begin involving the most students is by registering students with OrgSync at freshman orientation, Shipp said.

The total cost for the university to purchase OrgSync is still in the works; however, Shipp estimated an initial setup fee of $7,500 and an annual cost of $15,000-$20,000. This is why Shipp believes it is important for UNO to take the most proactive approach and get the most possible students enrolled with OrgSync as quickly as possible if they decide to go ahead with the program.

“It’s an investment, so being systematic is key,” Shipp said.

In addition to hearing about OrgSync, representatives from Green Dot gave senators an overview of their group, which is a partnership organization of Voices Against Violence. Green Dot addresses issues related to violence, like bullying, stalking and sexual assault through awareness. UNO student Caleb DeWitt went through a Bystander Training through Green Dot and found passion in the program.

“[Green Dot] is about helping you,” DeWitt said. “If you don’t help someone else how can you expect them to help you.”

Some other important updates included Student Body President-Regent Devin Bertelsen meeting with Dr. Darryl Lewis, NFL referee, who will be the upcoming guest speaker at UNOrthodox on Nov. 7 at noon.  

Internal Affairs Committee Chair Senator Sean Robinson said the Metro Bus System will release numbers to Student Government related to the amount of students using MavRide. In recent weeks, Metro was unable to do this as a result of a computer software error. With this information, senators will be able to determine whether or not students are abusing the MavRide program.