New exhibit at Criss Library meant to inspire “visual thinking”


By Tressa Eckermann, Senior Staff Writer

“Unhung: Created by Design,” a new exhibit at the H. Don & Connie J. Osborn Family Gallery, has a variety of pieces, including photographs and 3-D imagery.

The artwork was done by Teonne A. Wright and Yvette M. Goodwin. Wright is webmaster of the Criss Library and Goodwin is an instructor with the Growing and Building Together Academy of the Arts. Both artists attended Dana College at the same time, but did not meet until later.

The 44-piece exhibit incorporates various forms of painting, photography and graphic design. Wright said a portion of the exhibit is dedicated to growing and building the arts.

Wright’s pieces have sharp and stunning imagery. Some of the most beautifully simple photographs are the ones that were taken while she was on her honeymoon in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

“My stuff is focusing on the emotion you get looking into the eyes of the people and the animals,” Wright said. Nature is a major influence in her work, or what she refers to as organic human nature.

 “The human body is fascinating to me,” Wright said. She admits she was skeptical about displaying her work at first, but “thought it was time to show what [she] could do.” In the future, she would like for her art to be done on a “much larger scale,” and she would like to transform some of her old work into newer works.

Goodwin, whose artwork has beautiful pops of color, considers Jackson Pollock to be one of her favorite artists and finds inspiration in unusual things like perfume bottles. She says that she has a “flair for color and the abstract,” and calls some of her pieces controlled abstracts. Goodwin saw this show as a good way to get her work out there. In the future, she would like to own a consignment art gallery for other artists to get exposure. She would also like to create a website that would provide artists a way to show and sell their work.

Both artists work with the Growing and Building Together Academy of the Arts and have a passion for helping its students. The academy’s mission is “to equip our youth with the character values of respect, discipline, teamwork, perseverance and leadership through diverse forms of artistic expression that develops the whole individual, transitioning them through the performing stage to the stage of life,” according to it’s website.

“My goal is to support in the creation and presentation of student works of art,” Wright said in her artist statement, “and to provide comprehensive art experience to empower all students to enrich their understanding of themselves and the world.” Goodwin said she is working on “inspiring the youth to discover the creativeness within them through the basic fundamentals of art.”

Nik Allen, a Metropolitan Community College student who viewed the exhibit, said it was a great way for artists to get exposure.

“I don’t think a lot of people know about these types of events,” Allen said.

The exhibit, located on the main floor of the Criss Library, will run from Feb. 20 through March 22. For more information about the exhibit, contact the Criss Library at (402) 554-2640.