New changes at Peter Kiewit Institute causing student complaints


By Tressa Eckermann, Senior Staff Writer

Possible construction, which is in the final stages of planning, at the Peter Kiewit Institute has some students upset.

The construction, which hasn’t started yet but is scheduled for either July or November, would be a complete revamping of the entire PKI building. The building, located on UNO’s south campus, is a “high-technology learning and research institute” according to their website. Their mission is to educate and develop high technology workforces that meet needs from business and governments.

The renovations would begin on the first floor and include ripping out computer labs and replacing them with a lounge area, similar to what is in the Milo Bail Student Center. This is what has some students at the PKI building upset. An anonymous source who has close relations to the renovations said that they are “very aware” of the complaints from UNO students.

“If you’re a major in computer science there are very specific programs on those computers,” the  source said. “How are you going to do your work?”

Tutoring is also called into question because the loss of computers would basically take away the space that is used in tutoring.

“We don’t know the final configuration,” the anonymous source said. “At this moment nothing is definite.”

It is maintained that the issue comes from within the director’s office that the source says is “the main driver.”

Due to the breaking nature of the story, further details were not available as of this report