New Benson club intruiging venue with good acts, prices


By Kelly Langin, Contributor

The Reverb Lounge brings two of Benson’s best qualities – beats and booze – together in one small bar as the latest addition to One Percent Productions, a live music business in Omaha.
The Waiting Room, a popular venue and bar in Benson, is just around the corner, but Reverb offers a different, more intimate experience.
The bar is adorned with red leather chairs around the half-circle bar and in large booths against the wall. Shelves of tiki-style cups and expensive hard liquor are stacked tall, showing off the high, dimly-lit ceilings.
Despite the classy atmosphere, Reverb’s drinks aren’t overpriced. Their menu boasts specialty tropical-themed cocktails that range from $7 to $9 or more, beer on tap goes for $3.50, allowing drinks for every budget.
Reverb creates a separate space for drinks and music, so those looking for a few drinks in Benson aren’t inconvenienced with having to pay a cover charge or research beforehand to see if a show is playing there.
The door to the venue itself looks like the door to a janitor’s closet. Its gray color matches the walls and is almost hidden. The door isn’t labeled, so first-time show-goers may have a difficult time finding the venue.
Standing inside the venue is like standing inside a large black box. The sound mixer is in plain sight opposite the stage and is almost part of the crowd in a packed show. The small space definitely adds an air of intimacy to the performance and the acoustics in the room create a clear sound.
The venue’s stage is well-lit, avoiding the harsh reds that many other Omaha venues use to illuminate their acts. But it also brought to light the fact that the venue’s stage was so tiny that Rah Rah, the band I saw that night, couldn’t move. The six band members were tightly packed with keyboards, drums and other various instruments and amps.
The Reverb Lounge established its rightful place in the growing Benson district – a distinctive mix of alcohol, a unique bar experience and indie music cred.
But here’s the catch: the Reverb Lounge and its shows are only available to those aged 21 and over. Other popular venues that double as bars – like Slowdown and Waiting Room – are 18 and up.
While Reverb may lose the possibility of younger customers who just want to see the band playing at the venue, the bar is the perfect environment to see a small indie music show with a few cocktails and friends.
Reverb Lounge is located on 6121 Military Ave. in the Benson district.