Navigating UNO’s infamous transportation problem


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Cassie Wade

While many new students worry about finding their classrooms on the first day of school, they may not realize finding a parking spot at the University of Nebraska at Omaha can be the bigger challenge.

First, it’s important for students to understand the different parking options available so they can decide if they would like to purchase an on-campus parking pass or look into off-campus parking options.

According to UNO’s Parking Services website, students are required to purchase a parking pass to park in all of the on-campus lots or garages.

There are several different types of parking passes available to students, and it’s important to understand the difference between each type of pass because students can only park in the lots their pass allows them to or they will be ticketed.

Students who live in the dorms have assigned parking passes and are only able to purchase the permit designed to correspond with their dorm’s location. For example, students living in Maverick or University Village on Dodge Campus only have the option of purchasing a permit for Resident Lots J and L.

The cost of purchasing a parking pass is slightly lower for residents at $255 compared to the $260-270 cost of a parking pass for students who live off campus.

Campus commuters have several options when it comes to the type of parking pass they would like to purchase, including Day/Night Surface, Day/Night East Garage, Day/Night West Garage or Night Only options.

Unfortunately, as junior elementary education major Emily Caveye learned the hard way her freshman year, paying for a parking pass when you live off campus does not guarantee you a spot.

“I had bought a surface lot pass, which made me think I was golden and that was not the case,” Caveye said. “I had an 11 a.m. class, which I was late for on the first day because I couldn’t find a spot, even after I circled around my building like a vulture.”

Students can purchase a parking pass online using MavPARK, which is part of UNO’s Parking Services website, in a few simple steps.

Students will first need to login to MavPARK using their NetID and password. They will then fill out information about their vehicle, including its make and model, color and license plate number and will also need to select the type of pass they would like to purchase.

According to UNO’s Parking Services website, students may bill their student account to pay for the parking permit or use a debit or credit card.

Students who are not purchasing a parking pass can utilize several off campus parking options, including Elmwood Park, which has a two-hour limit, or use their MavCARD to ride the Metro Bus System for free.

UNO also has its own internal transportation system with shuttles available to transport students to other parts of campus.

According to UNO’s Parking Services website, the shuttle system consists of a series of different color-coordinated routes designed to take students to and from a specific part of campus. A shuttle schedule with each routes’ specific stops can be found on the Parking Services website.

Sophomore Jacob Marsh said using the shuttle system is easy and convenient.

“I was able to get to class with ease using the shuttles and was never late,” Marsh said. “The shuttle drivers are all very friendly and always have a smile on their face.”

For more information on how to purchase a parking permit or pay a fine, students should visit parking services website.