Mystery Manor story emits eerie feeling


By Jacob Snyder, Contributor


Though it is now just a commercial haunted house where people dressed in makeup and costumes scare the bejeebers out of customers around Halloween, the story of Mystery Manor is actually pretty bizarre and horrific.

In the late 1800s to early 1900s, what is now known as Mystery Manor was operating as a bordello, or a house of prostitution, with four distinct apartments. Some years later, William and Greta Hall moved in.

“[The house was] the meeting place of the elite of Omaha,” according to the Nebraska Rules website. “It was dubbed Hall Manor by those who frequented its confines.”

However, things changed radically. On October 29, 1929, the stock market crashed. It claimed William Hall among many others, causing him to go crazy.

That night in a blinding rage of madness, he took an axe from the shed and chopped his wife’s body into pieces. The next morning, realizing with horror what he had done, he carefully placed his wife’s remains in a shallow grave in the front yard.

A week later, Greta’s brother, John Martin, avenged his sister’s brutal murder by hacking up his former brother-in-law with the same axe. He reunited the couple in that shallow grave in the front yard of the house.

The very next night, Halloween, Martin’s body was found at the grave site with the axe imbedded in his skull. Some believe the ghost of William Hall killed him, but to this day, John Martin’s murder remains a mystery, hence the name of the house.

Nowadays, Mystery Manor is believed to be haunted. “[It] contains real spirits which make themselves known from time to time,” Rob Garcia, founding member of ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City, said. “We were successful in the capture of a couple EVPs, or electronic voice phenomenon, throughout the house.”

Though bizarre and gruesome, it’s not as if there haven’t been similar or worse stories. So what makes this story unique? Martin killed William with the same axe he killed Greta with. Then, the next night was founded with it imbedded in his skull.

Going down to Mystery Manor and seeing it for myself certainly gave me chills, but it was nonetheless interesting. So, if you like spooky things, go check out Mystery Manor. Knowing the story and seeing the house will certainly give you the eebie-jeebies!

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