Milkshakes for Mavs: F’Real ice cream truck visits campus

Photo Courtesy of Twitter
Photo Courtesy of Twitter

Gabriel Guardado

With the addition of the F’Real milkshake machine at the recently-opened Maverick Den, the F’Real milkshake truck decided to make a quick stop in the middle of the Milo Bail Student Center plaza at the University of Nebraska at Omaha Wednesday afternoon.

Students waited outside the plaza in between classes to see what the buzz was about.

For students, what better way is there to celebrate an event than to receive free t-shirts and delicious milkshakes?

The F’Real milkshake truck handed out over 500 free milkshakes and Mav swag in one hour.

Graduate assistants Savanna Allen and Kelsey Sheridan took a small break from their daily routines and stopped by the truck to grab their free milkshakes.

“It was a nice Wednesday surprise,” Sheridan said.

“I liked petting the dogs that were outside and getting free milkshakes and a t-shirt,” Allen said.

Students lined up to receive their frozen treat from the blue milkshake truck.

It was a simple, easy process as students got to choose their milkshake flavor.

A variety of flavors were offered, including cookies n’ cream and mint chocolate chip.

After choosing their milkshake flavor, students put the frozen milkshake cup into the milkshake machine and choose how thick they want their milkshake to be.

The process for making the milkshakes at the F’Real truck is the same for the machine in Maverick Den.

“Making a milkshake on the machine is super-fast and easy, and it comes out the way I like it,” junior Gustavo Garcia said as he waited for his frozen milkshake to blend in the machine.

Overall, the event proved to be successful.

“The long line in the cold was totally worth it,” freshman Callie Swenson said as she took a sip of her cookies ‘n cream milkshake.