Michael Cohen’s hearing was necessary—regardless of how Republicans acted

Photo courtesy of Maria Nevada

Will Patterson

Just like every other publication in the United States, The Gateway is also running an editorial piece about the Michael Cohen hearing. So, here’s the takeaway from a college student’s perspective.

As I watched the hearing, one thought continuously crossed my mind: these Republicans can not possibly be the same people who thought Hillary Clinton was unfit for office. After month

If the American public still believes that Bill Clinton’s sex scandal indicated that he may not be fit for president, then Cohen’s hearing was absolutely necessary. One anti-hearing argument offered by an editorial published in The Arizona Republic newspaper was that having a character witness for the president is ridiculous because he was a private citizen at the time—and the president may not of technically committed crimes.

I have a fundamental belief that the once someone takes on a position as powerful as the president, they should not have any more skeletons in the closet. Whether or not Cohen gave insight to actual crimes, he certainly painted a clear picture of the president’s character.

President Donald Trump is quite possibly the most powerful man in the world. He has lost his right to privacy at this point. If he has done bad things, they must be brought to light.

This suspicion of the president is not unwarranted. Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation has led to many indictments—several of which were against high ranking members of Trump’s campaign. The American public and Congress have every right to want further insight into the president’s character.

If Robert Mueller’s report on the Trump campaign points towards collusion, the Republican party’s actions at the hearing will be shameful. What could have been a chance to demonstrate the party’s commitment to honesty and democracy was squandered on blind defense of the president.

Going forward, I have to hope that our highest executive office has not been compromised my foreign entities. But if Mueller’s report reveals that, there will need to be a serious shift in Republican rhetoric. Failure to turn against one’s own party, even after its proven they are lacking in character, would signal an alarming allegiance for political power blocs over democracy.