Mayday Parade, The Maine at Sokol

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Sophie Ford

To anybody who was a self-proclaimed pop punk kid in the mid 2000’s, the names The Maine and Mayday Parade will ring a bell. Unlike many other similar bands from that era whose times sadly came and went, these two bands are still kicking strong after both releasing new albums in 2015 and embarking on their co-headlining American Lines tour.

The March 29th show that took place at Sokol Auditorium was the closing stretch of the tour, with only two shows to take place afterwards. Nonetheless, both bands brought their A-game and a ton of energy to boot, staying enthusiastic throughout their sets.

The Maine performed first, opening with “Into Your Arms,” a throwback from their first full-length album. The die-hards in front of the stage were dancing and singing from the get-go, but bringing an audience member onstage during crowd favorite “Girls Do What They Want” threw the audience into a frenzy. The audience member didn’t know the lyrics to the song, so it became a cooperative effort between The Maine and the rest of the audience to teach him. The set was entertaining and fun through and through.

Mayday Parade’s set was just as enthusiastic and measurably rowdier by the end. The band opened with “Look Up and See Infinity, Look Down and See Nothing,” an instrumental track off their new album Black Lines. They offered a mix of new and old songs, closing out their encore with “Jersey,” a song off their 2007 album A Lesson in Romantics. Nearing the end of the show, the crowd on the floor threw Sokol’s “No Moshing” and “No Crowdsurfing” rules to the wind, rushing the front with members flying up and over the barricades at the front.

Anybody who missed out on seeing the two bands in Omaha this time around can catch them on the 2016 Vans Warped Tour this summer. The tour doesn’t stop in Omaha, but the closest location in Bonner Springs, KS, is just a short three-hour drive away.