Maverick Productions brings entertainment to campus


Joe Willard

On Tuesday night, “DAKABOOM” will be performing at Scott Conference Center.

The University of Nebraska at Omaha has a history of bringing big name comedians and musical guests to campus. Comedians Jim Gaffigan and Tracy Morgan are on the list. Most recently, Jose Barrientos was here.

Maverick Productions, known as MavPro, is the student organization that orchestrates the events. According to their website, their goal is to bring the best events and build Maverick spirit.

MavPro’s biggest events this semester were HPER After Dark and the Baxter Arena Block Party. More than 1,100 students attended HPER After Dark.

The organization is comprised of about 20 undergraduates. Lib-by Kane, a junior, is one of them. She is the Executive Director, one of their three paid positions. She started with MavPro as a freshman. Last year, she was the lead coordinator.

Kane said the vision for MavPro is to offer a well-rounded student experience, providing opportunities for growth and development.

While growth and development is important for students, with finals here, so is leisure.

“I think students need opportunities to bring balance to their lives,” Kane said. “MavPro gives students opportunities to get away from studying for a few hours and just enjoy the college experience.”

During non-traditional student week, Samantha Ammons, associate professor of sociology, hosted a workshop on balance and help-ing students cope with stress. One thing she said was necessary is finding dedicated time for leisure.

MavPro’s goal is to help that happen.

Bari Lisa Marshall, Assistant Director of Student Activities and an advisor to MavPro, also agrees that leisure is important to academic success.

“It’s always good to have fun stuff to do on campus,” Marshall said.

Marshall said faculty and staff feel it is important to have a lively campus, and students want other things to do besides study. MavPro strives to make both of those things happen.

Next semester, two of the events that MavPro will host are Baxter after Dark and A Very Beary Valentine.

Baxter After Dark is modeled after HPER After Dark. The event will be held on Thursday, Jan. 14. A Very Beary Valentine will be held in February. Last year, MavPro brought a build-a-bear company to campus.

They brought bulls and bears that students could stuff and pick out outfits for. Kane said the event is a student favorite every year.

If someone is interested in volunteering or learning more about MavPro, they can be reached by
email at

To become a member of MavPro, there are no requirements for a student’s year or major. Anyone can apply. Applications are open for the first two weeks of the semester if there is a need. The applications can be found on the Maverick Productions MavSync page under the “forms” tab. Joining also involves a group interview.