Manger Baw to speak at UNO


Hannah Michelle Bussa

UNO’s Office of Multicultural Affairs plans to finish Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month with a speaking event. Photo courtesy of UNO Multicultural Affairs via Facebook.

To close out Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month at UNO, the Office of Multicultural Affairs is hosting speaker Manger Baw on Wednesday at noon.

The “Your Story Matters” Featured Speaker event will feature Baw, an indigenous Karen refugee who was brought to the United States from South East Asia.

Her address will focus on the power of identity and how students can value and leverage their stories.

“The audience can expect to hear more about my story and experience coming to the United States, as a Karen indigenous to Burma,” she said. “I will also be speaking about the importance of self-awareness and how we can use our story to find our life purpose.”

Baw currently serves on the staff as an Exploratory Studies Life Coach in the Interdisciplinary Studies Department at UNO. She is also a former UNO student with a degree in communication studies as well as a former TLC student.

Baw previously served as an AmeriCorps College Coach with College Possible. She is passionate about helping youth become well-rounded leaders by providing them with education and leadership skills.

Baw is a Karen, an ethnic group from Myanmar (Burma). She was born in a refugee camp along the border of Thailand and Burma/Myanmar due to the civil war between the Karen and the Burmese government. She grew up in Thailand refugee camps due to the religious and ethnic persecution by the Burmese government. Baw hopes to be part of the peace building process in Myanmar.

Baw came to the United States when she was 15 years old. In 2019, she had her first opportunity to visit Karen state when she finished her bachelor’s degree.

Baw also runs the Karen Educational Resources page on Facebook. She created this platform to collaborate with others and promote education. She is passionate about education and youth development and believes in empowerment to make true change.

For more information on Baw, read this article published in the Omaha Magazine earlier this year.

Baw said she is looking forward to sharing with students at UNO.

“I am excited to speak and hopefully get to know the students!” she said.

This is Baw’s first professional speaking event. She said she is both nervous and excited to share her story and life.

The discussion will conclude with a short reflection activity on the concept of Ikigai as well as a Q&A session, so come with questions.

All UNO students are welcome to attend. The event will be held via Zoom – register here.