Local venues for comedy fans to check out


Will Patterson

The comedy scene in Omaha has been gaining momentum over the past several years. With a few dedicated comedy clubs, open mic nights and comedy groups, Omaha has developed a dis-tinct humor industry. Here are some of the local places to catch or participate in a comedic act:

1) The Funny Bone

The Funny Bone in west Omaha’s Village Pointe is one of the city’s most notable comedy venues. While the club is part of a larger organization, with 25 locations across the United States, it consistently brings national acts into Omaha. Some acts hosted at the Funny Bone locations have included Jerry Seinfeld, Ellen DeGeneres and David Chappelle. Upcoming acts and ticket prices can be found at the Funny Bone’s website, omaha.funnybone.com.

2) Barley Street Tavern

Those seeking a more laid-back comedy experience can find just that at Barley Street Tavern’s weekly open mic. Every Wednesday, local comedians both new and old strut their stuff in this casual Benson bar. It’s a small venue that’s typically packed to the brim with amateur comedians and audience members alike. The bar is selling drinks throughout the open mic night. The general atmosphere of the Barley Street Tavern is positive—no heckling to be found here.

3) Dinner Detective Murder Mystery Dinner Show

On the stranger side of comedy is the Dinner Detective Murder Mystery Dinner Show. This performance is an interactive experience for participants. Guests are treated to dinner, where they witness a “murder” and must work together to solve it. Additionally, uncostumed actors are placed throughout the group, adding another level to the mystery. Whoever solves the murder first will walk away from the night with a prize. Public and private shows are available. More information about the Dinner Detective Murder Mystery Dinner Show is available on their website, www.thedinnerdetective.com.

4) The Backline

The Backline is another dedicated comedy venue in Oma-ha. Located downtown, this comedy club hosts a variety of events each week. Improv workshops at The Backline give participants a chance to hone their comedic craft, and open mic night every Tuesday gives up the stage for anyone brave enough to take it. More information and a full calendar of events are available on The Backline’s website, www-back-linecomedy-com.seatengine.com.

5) Reverb Lounge

While typically hosting musical performances, the Reverb Lounge does occasionally host a comedy show or fundraiser. Soon, comedy fans have a chance to catch a fundraising comedy show for Megan Hunt’s legislature campaign. The show will be bringing in comedic acts from across the Midwest. Performers will include Mallory Wallace, Dante Powell, Eric Grotheer and Carly Ballerini. Information about Megan Hunt’s fundraising performance and others can be found at Reverb Lounge’s website, reverblounge.com.