Local band on the rise: Sherry Drive



Will Patterson

Students who attended the Sick Puppies concert last year at the Waiting Room may recall one of the opening performances, Sherry Drive, a local band on the rise.

Anu Ratzburg, a University of Nebraska at Omaha sophomore majoring in marketing, is the lead guitarist and recently became the lead singer of this five-man group.

“About seventh or eighth grade is when I started playing guitar,” said Ratzburg on his history of musical interest.

This interest in creating and playing music led Ratzburg, along with four others, to found Sherry Drive in 2012. Their debut EP, One Lane Bridge, was released in 2013.

The original five members have changed throughout the past few years. With most of the band being committed to military service and educational pursuits, several members have had to step down or take leaves of absence. This has brought new styles and attitudes to the evolving sounds of Sherry Drive.

The band’s first album, Fly, was released in August 2016. With recording beginning in 2015, this album dropped with 13 original tracks written, performed and recorded by the band itself.

The band’s current sound and inspiration is drawn from many popular groups today.

“A lot of it comes from mainstream rock like Avenged Sevenfold, Breaking Benjamin—stuff like that,” Ratzburg said.

Additionally, Ratzburg said the band is also incorporating new sounds that have been dominating the pop industry in recent years. This includes inspiration from newer Justin Bieber works, the Chainsmokers, Major Lazer and other similar groups.

“We’re not super heavy, but we’re up there,” Ratzburg said. “We’re about 75 percent singing and 25 percent screaming.”

The band described their sound as hard rock reinvented with a metal core. Through the incorporation of screaming, keyboard and unique ranges of vocals the group achieves this. The final product is a combination of musical tastes flowing into a single sound.

The future of Sherry Drive is a winding, uncertain path, with more members likely to leave due to family and commitments; however, Ratzburg retains a bright outlook on the future of his group, and said the group will go “as far as we can take it.”

Those interested in catching the local band in concert have the opportunity on Feb. 8 at the Look-out Lounge. Sherry Drive will be opening for Assuming We Survive alongside several other groups. The group’s music can be found on SoundCloud, iTunes and social media.

Students interested in learning more about Sherry Drive and their music can find them on social media. Additionally, sherrydrive.com has samples of their music and information on the band.