Life in Omaha everything and nothing exchange student imagined it would be


By Hasnaa Al Douhani, Contributor

Studying in the U.S. seemed like on impossible dream to me. I thought I never would visit it. It was in my imagination to come. The dream that I wanted is now real. Arriving here, I met people and that was a good thing for me. The most attractive thing to me is the culture, such as how people deal with you, what behavior Americans don’t like, and what popular foods are. I have seen in America all these things.
I arrived at the place that I wanted. It was February 23, 2012. There was a girl to receive me and take me to the university. She was from the university that I would be studying in. It was snowing outside the airport, and it was the first time I had seen snow. I was so happy to see snow. I loved it. She was friendly, talked with me, and took me to Wal Mart to buy things. After that, she took me to the apartment. She was really friendly to me and kind; she gave me her phone number. My mind really changed about what I thought of Americans. That was how Julia dealt with me.
The biggest thing that people in America don’t like in a person is when they are in line to order food and someone cuts in line in front of them. Also, when you want to sit at a table, and there is one person already at the table, you have to ask before you sit. I know some Americans don’t like a person to do that. In addition, some popular foods that people eat are pizza, pasta, and a lot of kinds of sweets. All the food is unhealthy, and I don’t like to eat it frequently.
The U.S and Omaha, with the people and things I have seen, are even more interesting than I ever dreamed they would be. Now, with the passage of time, I know how to deal with people here, and how people deal with me. Also, I know what polite behavior is and what is not polite. Moreover, I have seen popular kinds of foods, which Americans eat, and they contain a lot of oil. Life here has taught me all of these things.